Twisted Cartoons – Mckinney North Annual Haunted House

The annual haunted house is a great way to get festive in October for Halloween and receive a few frights. This year’s theme is Twisted Cartoons. You’ll be directed through thirteen terrifying rooms that put a spin on your average cartoons. In the grand finale, participants are chased out with a chainsaw, one of our favorite North traditions!

The theme for the Haunted House changes every year. Students lead the preparations, creating sets and brainstorming new horrors in class and after school. Lake Shafer lets us in on a little more detail: “Seniors are in charge of a room each year that they get to decorate and cast. I’m most excited to watch my designs come to life.” 

Ms. Whittington leads the theater department. It’s her first year experiencing these traditions. She shared that she’s “excited for so very many things,” but is “especially excited for the special effects makeup that will be used to create the characters.” Many student actors will get into costume and create full faces of stage makeup, including (but not limited to) fake blood, bruises, and aging. 

North’s 2022 haunted house was last weekend! Our Drama Dawg seniors took to the stage designing, setting up, and casting their own rooms. Thirteen horrors awaited – along with a chainsaw!